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How one trainer is helping women to Design a Life Worth Living…

Marjorie “Marjah” Simon-Meinefeld is the owner of the lifestyle wellness company, Amazing Women of  Abundance (AWA) and of the health company Anything Vegan LLC,. She is the author of the International Best-Selling book, The One Law: for Amazing Abundance in Every Area of Your Life. She is also the co-author of Fork Disease Go Vegan: 7 Simple Steps to Experiencing Life in the Energy Center, and A Very Merry Vegan Holiday Cookbook. 

The AWA: Amazing Women of Abundance brand is focused on empowering women to unleash their  dreams and live their abundant, most extraordinary life. Affectionately called “Dr. Marjah”, she holds a Juris Doctor of Law Degree, a Master’s Degree in International Diplomacy, is an ordained minister of the 
Universal Life Church, and earned a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in English,  Business and Behavior Science. In addition to all of this she is also Cornell University certified in plant-based nutrition, studied with chefs in DC and through Escoffier Culinary Academy. She is certified to 
practice law in the Supreme Court but instead she travels the world sharing her powerful message on  creating a whole, healthy life. 

Transformational speaker Marjah is the expert in connecting people with their healthiest, happiest self.  She uses her experience as a certified life coach to help people overcome mindset issues, as a chef to create delicious plant-based meals in flavors they already know and love, and as a Toastmasters 
International trained motivational speaker to inspire people to enjoy the journey while creating their  ideal life. 

She practiced law as an Army Soldier and an Air Force Airman. Her compassion coupled with her sharp,  analytical attorney skills persuade clients to take purposeful action that gets real results. 

She inspires people to courageously design and live a healthy, balanced life. After surviving a triple  devastation in losing the love of her life, her job, and her health all at once, she began studying, reading and listening to everything she could on deliberately creating a new life. Now, her mission is to share 
what she learned with women looking for answers and seeking to discover their own Amazing Woman  of Abundance within.


Hi, I'm Marjah.
I'm a trained professional speaker, coach and educator in the fields of psychological and emotional resilience and creating life abundance. I'm the creator of the AWA coaching programs, as well as author of the Amazon international bestseller, The One Law: For Amazing Abundance In Every Area of Your Life. I’m an internationally trained attorney that specializes in results. I see unusual connections and possibilities, as well as potential missteps often overlooked by the “non-lawyer” mind.

Drawing on more than 20 years of battle-tested experience running teams for the US Army, the US Air Force, Fortune 500, and learning under some of the world’s leading business and life gurus, including Tony Robbins, Joseph McClendon, Luke Wren, Les Brown, and many more, I've helped thousands to achieve more stability, more financial freedom and more time… for living a life of joy.

I love to inspire and entertain while sharing insights on how to truly tap into and live in abundance results in both your business and private life. Keynotes are customized to the specific needs of your team. I've spoken on stages and conducted workshops in many countries for audiences from 5 to 5000. And I'd love to speak with your team too. Book now for your event this year because slots fill up fast.


From Burnout to Bodacious! 
Free Video Series

Experiencing Burnout? Are you trying to take care of your responsibilities but are left feeling constantly exhausted, empty, pulled in many directions, guilty for not getting it all done, used, forgotten, or disconnected from their dreams and destiny?

In this FREE Video Series, deep-dive one step at a time, into doing a higher-energy shifting of the 6-ALs of Life which are the six areas that may be suffering as a result of your burnout.

Free Journal Page Template 

Jim Rohn said “A life worth living is a life worth recording”. 

Journaling can help you to connect with the things that matter and move away from things that don't. You’re able to be fully committed to your passions, creative ideas and become more productive. Calmness will replace feeling stressed and overwhelmed as you intentionally make time for what matters to you. Capturing in a journal will increase your gratefulness quotient, fill you up, and help you to see just how awesome you really are!

Free 10 Year Action Celebration Tool

From your Contract for Success, list your Dream and Destiny Items.  Then focus only on year one this year. Next year, do year two. By breaking apart your 10 Year Vision into one year bites until they add up to your ultimate 10 year Vision. 

By focusing on just one year at a time, you are making steady  progress and keeping your sanity in the progress. And you get to celebrate your wins every year! How awesome is that?!

Free Contract for Success Template

Imagine how much you would be able to get done if you had an agreement that you had to produce to the best of your ability. By not living up to what is in your agreement, you acknowledge that you lose out on the Abundance that the Universe has agreed to pay you – wealth, health, love, joy. No one likes to lose. 

Create a sense of urgency on creating the life of your dreams by making a binding agreement between the Universe and yourself. When you truly begin to focus all of your energy, effort and focus into making each day an Amazing Abundance day, the results will completely blow you away.

Free Purpose Discovery Blueprint

If you’re still trying to rediscover the purpose(s) you were created for, check out exercise #50 in
the book The One Law: for Amazing Abundance in Every Area of Your Life. If you’re already on track with your purpose(s), this is a great way to refine your desires and connect with your purpose(s) on a deeper level.
This will help you narrow down possible careers worthy of your life because the probability that they fill your childhood desires, your heart’s joy and your bank account are higher. Select one of your top skills and focus all of your efforts on becoming the expert in this ONE skill.

Free Weekly Intentions Guide

Here, you  can create the map to make your journey to your destination that much 
smoother. Setting weekly intentions helps us from making wrong turns down  “wasted time ally”, from going in circles around “overwhelm town”. It helps us not to run out of gas by keeping us connected to our “Why”, our internal reasons for  what we are doing with our time. 

This map  helps us to focus on what we have determined, in advance, that really matters to 
us. This is a powerful tool to keep at bay the noise and chatter of the random  stuff that can easily distract us and destroy our vision vehicle.

Excited to start a life worth living but don't know where to start?


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